The Common Lisp programming language

Common Lisp bibliography

A list of books, many of which are available for free download. The list is still incomplete, but it is a good start, and it contains the most important entries.

Web Resources

Web ressources other than books.

The Metaobject Protocol of the Common Lisp Object System

We have an HTML version of chapters 5 and 6 of the book "The Art of the Metaobject Protocol" which we are kindly allowed to have according to the publishers of that book.

The document is still incomplete

Programming projects currently worked on

We give a list if projects that are currently being worked on, including projects that are on the back burner, so perhaps not frequently updated.

There is some overlap between these projects and the suggested programming projects below.

Suggested programming projects

We give a list if suggestions for interesting projects to work on. The suggested projects include completely new projects as well as projects to improve existing code.

Updating the Common Lisp standard

We explain why it is not likely that there will be a revised Common Lisp standard, and we explain why a revised standard is often not even desirable, and certainly why it is almost never needed.