slot-boundp-using-class class object slot => generalized-boolean

Arguments and values:

class -- A class metaobject. It is the class of the object argument.

object -- An object.

slot -- An effective slot definition metaobject.

generlized-boolean -- A generalized boolean.


This generic function implements the behavior of the slot-boundp function. It is called by slot-boundp with the class of object as its first argument and the pertinent effective slot definition metaobject as its third argument.

The generic function slot-boundp-using-class tests whether a specific slot in an instance is bound.

The results are undefined if the class argument is not the class of the object argument, or if the slot argument does not appear among the set of effective slots associated with the class argument.


slot-boundp-using-class (class standard-class) object (slot standard-effective-slot-definition)
slot-boundp-using-class (class funcallable-standard-class) object (slot standard-effective-slot-definition)
slot-boundp-using-class (class built-in-class) object slot

Comments and remarks:

In cases where the class metaobject class does not distinguish unbound slots, true should be returned.