remove-direct-method specializer method => unspecified

Arguments and values:

specializer -- A specializer metaobject.

method -- A method metaobject.


This generic function is called to maintain a set of backpointers from a specializer to the set of methods specialized to it. If method is in the set it is removed. If it is not, no error is signaled.

This set can be accessed as a list by calling the generic function specializer-direct-methods. Methods are added to the set by add-direct-method.

The generic function remove-direct-method is called by remove-method whenever a method is removed from a generic function. It is called once for each of the specializers of the method. Note that in cases where a specializer appears more than once in the specializers of a method, this generic function will be called more than once with the same specializer as argument.

The results are undefined if the specializer argument is not one of the specializers of the method argument.


remove-direct-method (specializer class) (method method)
remove-direct-method (specializer eql-specializer) (method method)