Generic Function MAP-DEPENDENTS


map-dependents metaobject function => unspecified

Arguments and values:

metaobject -- A class or a generic function metaobject.

function -- A function which accepts one argument.

unspecified -- An unspecified value..


This generic function applies function to each of the dependents of metaobject. The order in which the dependents are processed is not specified, but function is applied to each dependent once and only once. If, during the mapping, add-dependent or remove-dependent is called to alter the dependents of metaobject, it is not specified whether the newly added or removed dependent will have function applied to it.


map-dependents (metaobject standard-class) function
map-dependents (metaobject funcallable-standard-class) function
map-dependents (metaobject standard-generic-function) function


See the ``Dependent Maintenance Protocol'' section for remarks about the use of this facility.