The Metaobject Protocol of the Common Lisp Object System

This is my attempt at an HTML version of chapters 5 and 6 of the book "The Art of the Metaobject Protocol".

There is already an HTML version available, created by Howard R. Stearns. However, while the original text is freely available, that HTML version is copyright 1997 by Elwood Corporation, and permission is granted to make and distribute copies, but only as long as the copies are complete and unmodified.

Since I wanted a more useful document, and in particular I wanted a document in which references to "The CLOS specification" were turned in to hypertext links, I decided to create a new HTML version.

As it turns out, the modifications I want are hard to accomplish automatically, which is why I am creating this HTML version "manually" (as supposed to automatically from TeX sources). It is only slightly more time consuming to do it manually than to create a conversion program. However, this means that there might be mistakes in the process. For that reason, I solicit corrections and improvements from anyone who is interested.

I am particularly interested in improvements in the form of better HTML markup (for instance tags with better attributes to simplify an ultimate CSS), and in improvements in navigation. I would also like to include an "issues" section in each node, because there are several issues such as incompatibility with the HyperSpec, and incompatibility with the rest of the book.

Table of contents