compute-class-precedence-list class => precedence-list

Arguments and values:

class -- A class metaobject.

precedence-list -- List of class metaobjects.


This generic-function is called to determine the class precedence list of a class.

The result is a list which contains each of class and its superclasses once and only once. The first element of the list is class and the last element is the class named t.

All methods on this generic function must compute the class precedence list as a function of the ordered direct superclasses of the superclasses of class. The results are undefined if the rules used to compute the class precedence list depend on any other factors.

When a class is finalized, finalize-inheritance calls this generic function and associates the returned value with the class metaobject. The value can then be accessed by calling class-precedence-list.


compute-class-precedence-list (class class)